Anneke (Awn-uh-kuh) is a Los Angeles based visual artist who works in a range of media including painting, drawing, and graphic design. Being most inspired by the human condition, much of her work revolves around, but is not limited to, the portrait. It is within the figure where she can examine sexuality, gender, morality, class, and the inevitability of isolation and the ineluctability of death.

Her work has been exhibited in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She studied at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and earned her BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute.

When she is not making art, you can find her searching for the meaning of life over tea ceremonies, vegan food, vipassana meditation retreats, buddhist temples, yoga class, brewing probiotic beverages like ginger beer and kombucha, petting cats, zip-lining through rainforests, paddle-boarding with crocodiles, or watching the Real Housewives franchise.

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